Lorraine Beaulieu lives and works in Trois-Rivières. Since 2002, her work has enquired into our relationship with the environment.

That same year, she received a grant from Quebec’ Fonds dédiés aux art et aux lettres for the in situ work Haro sur la rivière. This group project of four sculptures made out of empty water bottles, addressed questions around recycling and the precious value of fresh water. She also brought out the impact of logging in a community in Quebec’s Mauricie region. Following this experience, she was invited to Clamey, France in 2005 to create another floating sculpture made out of empty water bottles: Haro sur l’Yonne.

She then developed other works based on a similar process of accumulation using newspapers, entitled Nouvelles Recyclées (2009). Lorraine Beaulieu removes everyday man-made materials such as empty water bottles, umbrellas and newspaper from their life cycle and brings them to life in a work of art. In 2007, her environmental involvement, earned her an artistic residency in Antarctica. Following her stay there, she produced a series of installations using everyday objects, the temperature and photographic techniques, including the in situ interventions Rafraîchir l’idée du monde (2008), the series Chronique atmosphérique (2008-10) and the installations Drapeaux http://www.livedata.net.au/content/wordpress/?p=1419 (2008-10), Climat de fragilité (2010) and Feuilleter les poles (2010).