After a BA in 2003, an MA in 2009, completed study and practice of the arts at Laval University in Quebec City. She uses material processed by man of her cycle of existence as trivial matters of everyday life, to revive it in an artwork. Lorraine Beaulieu search to express environmental issues in a poetic way.

Lorraine Beaulieu lives and works in Trois-Rivières. She is a Master from Fine Arts, Laval University in Quebec. It eradicates the objects of their life cycle as trivial matter of daily life, to revive them in a work of art. Her works are poetic. She is interested in the culture and human relationships with the environment and community. Recently more personal works have been added to her art production.


Three times she received grants from Arts and Letters Québec's Concil Fund, and from her City's Cultural Corporation.


In 2003, «Haro sur la rivière», raised recycling issues, the preciousness of fresh water, and threw into relief the cultural identity in Mauricie's area in Quebec.

She was invited to Clamecy (France) in 2005, to do «Haro sur l'Yonne» a participative realisation.

In 2007, she was invited by the National Directorate of Antarctica for an artistic residency from which flows a series of artworks over global warming, presented in Québec, Buenos Aires, Tigre, Ushuaia in Argentina, Mexico, Cuba , England.


In 2014, she presents "Sisyphus" in Greece, her first performances in public's space. In 2015, she partipated to "The transparent travel" group residency in Italia during the Venice'e Biennale. Recently, she did as curator for exhibitions or events.